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Who are we?

“Anka” means “Our” in Bambara, an African language spoken in various West African countries.

Through Anka elevation, children’s books that reflect today’s world, in which our children are evolving will see the light of day. A world in which every child regardless of origin, skin color and culture has a voice.


The adventures of Papa Yo Tome 2 : Liam doesn’t want to go to the day care center

Author: Aouicha Traoré

The vacations are finally here. Like many children, Liam and Kayla have to go to the summer camp.
Unfortunately, Liam’s day does not go as planned. No child wants to play with him. Instead of the laughter and new friends he had imagined, he encounters rejection and malice.
It’s decided, Liam doesn’t want to go back. Will the power of Papa Yo be enough to convince him to return to the daycare center?

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