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Reading Committee

In this committee, we have chosen to promote personal experiences, values and a common vision of society and the world in general.

comité de lecture Latifa


“It is time for our children to have access to books dealing with various themes and characters inspired by reality. It is up to us to leave this legacy to future generations. As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until you do it.

Anti-racism activist, vice-president of a parent-teacher association and mother

comité de lecture Neggus


“To put one’s experience at the service of an essential cause: To make the imagination in everyone a fertile ground to grow and to take up the challenges of life”.

Artist, painter and father

Photo credit: Lalita Santana

comité de lecture Ophélie


“For our children and these future adults, children’s literature must be a reflection of the world, a mirror of us all, in all its diversity, its nuances of body and mind.”

Assistant director, member of a parent-teacher association and mother.

Laury Versin

“Anka Elevation, for me, is about excellence in the service of uplifting messages for the youth; it is about giving a voice to communities that have long remained in the shadows; it is about bringing cultural diversity to light.

I totally agree with this vision which aims to elevate not only the other but oneself too. I like the idea that young people can grow with characters that look like them, with values of authenticity, self-love, trust, and respect for others.”

Teacher, Poet, Writer, Artist