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Who are we?

“Anka” means “Our” in Bambara, an African language spoken in various West African countries.

Our Elevation

Through Anka Elevation, children’s books that resemble the world in which our children evolve will be created. A world in which every child regardless of origin, skin color and culture has a voice.

The representations are intended to be positive and to create a balance in the world of children’s literature.

Our publishing house also wishes to support Afro-descendant authors and illustrators by highlighting their talent.

Our history

The story of Anka Elevation is inseparable from the personal story of its founder.

My name is Aouicha Traoré. I have worked for more than 20 years in the insurance industry, in various positions (contractual, business development, consulting and finally project management).

At the same time, I have always had a certain interest and passion for writing. As far back as I can remember, writing has always been my anchor. It certainly runs in the family because my father, a teacher, also chose writing as a means of expression and activism.

My personal history is as rich as my professional background. This richness comes in large part from my origins. I am French of Malian and Algerian origin. I was born in France and lived my childhood and adolescence in Algeria.

My passion for writing grew when I became a mother for the first time in 2007. Today, I am a mother of 3 children.

Furthermore, having been involved in parent-teacher associations for many years, I have always had the interests and well-being of the children at heart. This well-being is inseparable from the esteem and confidence that the child needs to flourish and books are a powerful tool to achieve this goal.

As a mother, I was very quickly confronted, like many parents from diverse backgrounds, with the lack of representations and especially of positive representations in children’s books.

Today, through Anka Elevation, I want to contribute as an author and editor by offering children characters that are like them and that enhance them. Stories that reflect the society in which they live with a different narrative.

The book is a powerful tool for education and upliftment so let’s rise together.

Our values


Reading Committee

In this committee, we have chosen to promote personal experiences, values and a common vision of society and the world in general.

comité de lecture Latifa


“For our children and these future adults, children’s literature must be a reflection of the world, a mirror of us all, in all its diversity, its nuances of body and mind.”

Assistant director, member of a parent-teacher association and mother.

comité de lecture Ophélie


“It is time for our children to have access to books dealing with various themes and characters inspired by reality. It is up to us to leave this legacy to future generations. As Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until you do it.

Anti-racism activist, vice-president of a parent-teacher association and mother

comité de lecture Neggus


“With your heart still beating and a smile on your face, resist by creating.”

Artist, painter and father

Call for manuscripts

Do you have a children’s book ready to be published?
Get started!

The conditions are as follows:
🔸Your manuscript must be free of any publishing contracts

🔸For minor participants, parental permission is required

🔸Send your manuscript in PDF format

🔸Justified text, size 12 points with a standard font such as Arial or Times

🔸Number the pages

🔸Indicate on the first page: your name, first name, title of the book, number of pages

🔸A summary of the book

🔸A few words about you and your background

Path of your manuscript

What is the route for your work?

🔸You write

🔸You send us your manuscript

🔸You receive an acknowledgement of receipt

🔸We check that your manuscript fits into our editorial line

🔸The reading committee or editor will read your book. If the committee likes it, your work will be reviewed by the editor and you will receive an information email

🔸The publisher likes your manuscript, in which case she contacts you and offers you a contract. If not, you will receive an information email.