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“No way , I don’t want another mom!” Aouicha Traoré


Malya is a joyful and fulfilled little girl who loves to dance. His parents have been divorced for a few years. She accepts this situation because she is lucky enough to spend as much time with her mom as she does with her dad.

His daily life is turned upside down when one day, Alassane, his father, tells him that he wants to introduce him to a special friend who means a lot to him.

For Malya, it is the disarray, she does not want that things change, but more important, it is not question that she has another mom…

A word from the author

The father/daughter relationship is at the heart of this beautiful story. The latter is part of the “normality” of the life of a divorced father with his daughter. Complicity and benevolence are at the heart of this relationship. In reality, it is the universal bond that binds a father to his child regardless of his situation.

Beyond this theme, this book breaks down various prejudices deeply rooted in our societies concerning the role of the father and his involvement in the education of his child. It is also a tool for parents who want to start the conversation about the new spouse.

In addition, this book is a celebration of African culture and history. Suitable for all children without any distinction, whether or not they are directly concerned by this theme, this book can also be a great discovery for adults because of its richness.