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“Heroes, yesterday, today and tomorrow” Aouicha Traoré


Sékou is a young schoolboy with a passion for history. He never stops sharing with his friends the stories his grandfather Tingé tells him.

One day, he is confronted with the incomprehension of his classmates who can no longer bear to hear his stories.

Between friendship and passion, Sékou’s heart sways.

Must he give up who he is to remain friends with those he loves?

A word from the author

Through this book, I want to tell children that it is possible to love history, at any age. More importantly, this book emphasizes the importance of knowing your own history.
It also reminds us that heroes are often among us, perhaps even in our families.

Also, Sékou’s dilemma in the face of his friends’ reproaches makes it possible to question the relevance of giving up what one loves, to please one’s entourage. A reminder to children that it is essential to be themselves and to be aware of their potential.

In addition, a strong relationship is honored, that of Sékou and his grandfather. The main objective is to underline the place of transmission.

This book is full of surprises (there is another story within the story) and will delight young readers with the diversity of the topics covered.