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“The adventures of Papa Yo Volume 2: Liam does not want to go to the day care center” Aouicha Traore

The summary

The vacations are finally here. Like many children, Liam and Kayla have to go to the summer camp.
Unfortunately, Liam’s day does not go as planned. No child wants to play with him. Instead of the laughter and new friends he had imagined, he encounters rejection and malice.
It’s decided, Liam doesn’t want to go back. Will the power of Papa Yo be enough to convince him to return to the daycare center?

A word from the author

This collection aims to accompany children and help them build confidence in themselves and their abilities. These books revolve around issues that children may encounter in their daily lives. The content is reassuring and caring for parents and children.

Who is the real Papa Yo?

Founder of Calcium TV, of the podcast “Nos vies de Papa” and radio host, Yoann defines himself as “a child of Sarcelles”.

French of Gabonese origin by his father and Ivorian by his mother, he juggles his different cultures with great pride and agility. Lover of music, cinema and culture, he decided to launch himself into the world of books to share his life as a father and be closer to families. This is done with one goal in mind: the well-being of children and the enhancement of the role of fathers.